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Avantage Reply's alliances

Teaming-up with the right partners is essential to building our business, delivering projects and maximising the benefits of the industry we are involved in. Our partners include companies such as niche consultancies and software vendors – and by blending their expertise, skills and know-how, we strengthen and broaden our value proposition.

But we are very selective in our choice of alliance partners. We look for a fit with our vision, values and consulting strategy. Partners must complement our skill base (matched to project deliverables), and have adopted a similar philosophy in their own projects – namely, a deep commitment to delivering results that have a strong emphasis on quality. By leveraging the expertise available within our alliance network, we are ideally placed to meet our clients’ needs.

Our network is structured around five categories:

  • Sales – agreement to go to market together to sell our services. For example, we work with a recruitment company to cross-sell services to meet client needs.
  • Solution specific – agreement to jointly develop and sell a specific marketplace solution. We are assessing a number of software vendors to select an alliance partner with whom we can go to market with our economic capital calculator.
  • Geographic specific – agreement to jointly market or co-brand our services in a specific geographic region. We have an expanding network of local partners in the European Union, South-eastern Europe, the Western CIS and the Caucasus, Russia and Central Asia. Through these partnerships, we can deliver our services to global and local clients looking for best practice solutions tailored to their particular organisation.
  • Investment – agreement to join funds for mutual investment. We work with corporate financiers to inject funds to initiate or transform subsidiary companies such as Andomeda Capital.
  • Joint venture alliance – agreement to undertake economic activity together.