Why working with us

Why risk consulting?

Reply people have typically chosen a career in consulting to:

  • Accelerate their career as a risk professional;
  • Leverage the experience they have gained and make a difference as a service professional with a risk specialisation;
  • Capitalise – and continue to build – on their subject matter expertise to our mutual advantage.

Accelerate your career as a risk professional

Reply offers the ideal environment in which to gain experience in other risk disciplines (e.g. credit, market or operational risk), extend your technical knowledge in areas such as quantitative abilities, and develop your strategic planning and client-facing skills. You will have access to, and work alongside, experienced subject matter experts and senior stakeholders who are renowned for the quality and originality of their solutions. In fact, everything is in place for you to accelerate your career irrespective of what grade you hold with us.

Leverage your experience

Consulting offers the opportunity to experience – and learn from – different clients, departments and geographies. You will also gain exposure to new processes and technology, and have the chance to input the development of a new service line or product.

Capitalise on your subject matter expertise

Risk consulting is a demanding arena, and Reply all put the effort in to meet the expectations of clients and the business. In return, Reply recognise that seasoned professionals not only want the exceptional financial rewards their subject matter expertise deserves, but also an attractive quality of life. On both counts Reply delivers:

  • Reply offers a highly attractive remuneration package that includes base salary, core benefits, flexible benefits allowance (you get to choose the benefits that are right for you) and a year-end performance bonus.
  • Reply operates a commission-based sales and recruitment bounty system that will give you the opportunity to capitalise on your networks to generate sales or find talented new recruits.
  • Reply has an innovative knowledge management and sharing recognition system which acknowledges and rewards individual contributions to intellectual capital.
  • Reply includes our professionals when it define terms of engagement with clients, specifically regarding hours worked, place of work and travel commitments.
  • Reply provide flexibility regarding the choice of assignments (within bounds), provide “time-outs” and encourage risk-related entrepreneurial aspirations with commercial merit.
  • Reply makes it possible for our people to have the time they need to pursue their interests outside work, look after their families, participate in their communities and get to see a bit of the world.
  • Reply holds regular team events which give us a chance to get to know each other and let our hair down away from the demands of office life.