Banks and building societies

In today’s highly-regulated environment, satisfying the divergent interests of an array of stakeholders is an ongoing challenge for Banks and Building Societies (collectively referred to as “banks” hereinafter). It is imperative that they delve deep into the trends and issues impacting their industry, shaping their strategies around them and leveraging their already significant investments into regulatory and business change programmes to extract best value.

We have developed a proprietary Integrated Risk and Performance Measurement (IRPM™) tool, which can be used to build a consensus view (at a business unit or group level) of the appropriate focus areas to improve an organisation’s performance measurement and management. These insights are then used as the basis of a business case to undertake improvement projects or actions.

Our service solutions cover the following offerings:

Organisation and Governance

Business Processes and People

Information Management

Measurement and Analytics

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Definio Reply™

Definio Reply is an open and flexible system for Financial Risk and Performance Management.

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Practice note

Operational risks related to market-related activities continue to make media headlines at a time when public confidence in, and approval of, the financial sector remains low, not least due market volatility which can itself act as a catalyst of operational risk.