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Regulatory compliance and reporting for banks and building societies

Organisations must establish internal processes to meet regulatory and other (e.g., risk) reporting requirements. Reply helps organisations to reinvent and/or enhance risk, performance measurement, regulatory and other financial reporting/analysis on products, customers, business and service lines. Reply does this by:

  • Designing reports that provide relevant insights into the active management of risk on a portfolio level, allowing management to analyse risk and pricing at a portfolio level and options for diversifying the total portfolio;
  • Producing integrated risk management, treasury and finance reporting templates that provide more reliable, transparent and meaningful business intelligence, supporting all levels in the organisation from a transaction to portfolio level. Determining the optimal level of capital required to meet regulatory requirements, ensure solvency, maintain external ratings and improve shareholder value;

Drawing on many years’ experience of handling numerous regulatory projects at major global banks (Basel II, Section 404 of the Sarbanes Oxley Act, IFRS, including IAS 39 and IFRS 7, Anti-money laundering and MiFID), Reply offers a range of regulatory compliance and reporting services. These focus on:

  • Supporting the development and interpretation of new regulatory requirements (eg Basel II Pillar 1, Basel II Pillar 2, ICAAP, IRC etc) (click on the following links to read more details on Reply ICAAP service offering or more detail on Reply IRC service offering);
  • Performing feasibility studies to assess the impact of new regulations on an organisation’s current capabilities, and identify those areas where change is required using Reply proprietary Integrated Risk and Performance Measurement (IRPM)TM tool e.g. financial crime prevention - assessment of policy content, structure and implementation proportionate to the client business model but incorporating legal and regulatory trends;
  • Managing the implementation of changes required by new regulatory and reporting approaches;
  • Re-designing and optimising processes and data flows in risk management, treasury and finance functions;
  • Scrutinising regulatory programmes for yield or return on investment analysis, developing return on investment calculators, and defining ingredients to maximise return on investments;
  • Supporting change management programmes with training and educational support to reduce new technology adoption times and promote awareness of new policies, processes and frameworks e.g. financial crime data security preview, SYSC- senior management arrangements systems and controls), Arrow preparation, s.166 reviews, stress testing requirements, internal and external reporting procedures and report back on strength and weaknesses ensuring improved performance;
  • Performing independent quality assurance and health check reviews;
  • Validating existing reports (and reporting infrastructure) against operational and regulatory requirements e.g. effectiveness of Management Information and escalation of report.

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