Banks and building societies

Business process improvement for banks and building societies

Board members and senior executives need to ensure that their management teams have robust and ‘fit-for-purpose’ risk management processes in place across their organisation. Risk management is now viewed as an integral component of how an organisation is governed and how it complies with external regulations.

Reply team has extensive experience in the above processes and can help in various areas of business process improvement and operational effectiveness. Typically, this will include:

  • Assessing and making recommendations to improve processes and controls across an organisation to ensure risk and performance measures are embedded in key business processes e.g. Walker review focus on quality of governance and risk management;
  • Delineating and integrating the roles and responsibilities of risk, treasury and finance functions, and the design of integrated processes, policies and procedures e.g. clear separation of senior management responsibilities Money Laundering Reporting Office (MLRO) and Director of Risk;
  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of finance and back office operations by enhancing core transaction processing and reporting competencies of the finance function, while strengthening its ability to support management decision making and corporate strategy;
  • Identifying current risks, and building forward-looking governance and compliance programmes that ensure adequate oversight of the compliance infrastructure and monitor ongoing governance and compliance practices;
  • Designing and implementing initiatives geared towards cost reduction, sourcing and analysis of shared risk management, treasury and finance services.

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