Insurance companies

Performance measurement and monitoring for insurance companies

Reply's vision for integrated risk and performance management focuses on organising the enterprise to create risk-adjusted value. Risk-based measurement and monitoring of performance are a key element of this vision. Whether the primary focus is on organising the firm for improved value creation, benchmarking against peers and industry best practice, or improving risk and performance measurement capabilities to comply with new regulatory requirements, Reply’s approach and tools can be deployed rapidly to help firms:

  • integrate strategic planning, target-setting, budgeting, forecasting, and performance management/monitoring into a single risk-based process;
  • define and document risk appetite, in order to provide a foundation for allocating capital, setting limits and measuring performance;
  • design, build and test risk-based limit-setting systems, aligning these with the strategic planning, risk and capital planning processes;
  • develop integrated risk and financial reports that provide more reliable, transparent and meaningful business intelligence, supporting all levels in the organisation from desk to enterprise level.

The proprietary IRPM™ tool provides an excellent starting point to define goals, gaps and implementation priorities for performance measurement and monitoring, either at enterprise or business unit level.

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