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Training and people change for non financial institutions

Developing an enterprise-wide approach to risk is as much about building a common risk culture throughout an enterprise as it is about putting in place appropriate risk centric policies, procedures and systems. Clearly communicating the company risk philosophy, strategy and structure is essential. This is supported by adopting a common language for risk. Individuals need to understand the roles and responsibilities that they have in the risk management process, including providing the information required by C-Level management in their decision-making. Hand-in-hand with this, people must have the relevant skills necessary to effectively execute these roles and responsibilities.

Risk management practices do not operate in a vacuum – they need to flex and adjust in accordance to changes to the external and internal environment within which the enterprise operates. Successful change requires the engagement and participation of those involved.

Reply delivery approach provides the right framework for managing the people side of change. Reply immerse ourselves in our clients’ environment and work as an extension of their workforce. Reply  approach entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation – consulting and working with those affected by the change to ensure that they agree with (or at least understand) the need for change, and have a chance to input the change management process.

Reply works at various levels to develop risk awareness and knowledge in an enterprise, including with the Board of Directors (to improve their risk knowledge and vocabulary to engage in dialogue with senior management); the Chief Executive Officer (to enhance their understanding of enterprise risk assessments and of how insights from this process can best benefit value creation and support strategy setting); the Chief Risk Officer and Group Risk Managers (to support their initiatives to deliver training to the Risk Committee and at the Business Unit and Business Line risk representatives); and, Business Unit and Business Line personnel (in support of operational, compliance and reporting objectives).

Reply also supports the risk management, treasury and finance community by providing the highest standard of training and seminars. Led by experienced presenters who count many years of industry-related experience, Reply training courses currently include economic capital modelling, specialised risk modelling, value and risk-based capital management, accounting and finance-related short courses. Each encompasses case studies, interactive lectures and workshops.

Reply offerings, which are supported by its proprietary methodology include:

  • A preliminary analysis of current training needs conducted in accordance with the level of sophistication of risk measurement and management to support the enterprise risk solution and as agreed by senior management;
  • Development and delivery of training courses and learning events (game-based, seminars, training, etc.) designed to equip people with the required knowledge, instill a culture shift or assist trainees embrace change;
  • Evaluation of training programmes for their effectiveness.

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