The aftermath: crisis and legal change

29 April 2013

London, Center for Transnational Legal Studies

Avantage Reply has taken part in The aftermath: crisis and legal change, a half-day workshop taking place on 29 April 2013 from 2:00 to 6:00PM at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London, Swan House, 37-39 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6AA.

The format was informal with participants seated around the table. The workshops aimed at provoking a productive conversation among legal and other academics, regulators, industry participants and observers of the financial arts, across jurisdictional and disciplinary lines.

The event has been looking at three broad themes:

  • Regulatory Disarray I - the Transatlantic Dynamic
    Roger McCormick (LSE), Dan Awrey (University of Oxford), David Lawton (FSA), Anna Gelpern (American University / Georgetown Law), Eric Pan (SEC), Jo Braithwaite (LSE), Rosa Lastra (Queen Mary University, London);
  • Regulatory Disarray II - Implications
    Pamela Hughes (Blakes, Toronto), Anita Anand (University of Toronto), Susan Emmenegger (University of Bern), Giuliano Castellano (LSE), Frédéric Gielen (Avantage Reply), Aurora Mouturat-Sorensen (RBS), Jacek Kubas (EBRD), Alain Couret (Paris I– tentative), Nicolas Véron (Breugel/Peterson);
  • Beyond Law and Regulation - The Prospects for Alternatives, Old and New
    Ruben Lee (Oxford Finance Group), Stefano Pagliari (LSE), Richard Britton (Consultant, former FSA), Michael Taylor (FSB), George Handjinicolaou (ISDA), Jeff Golden (LSE), Ed Murray (Allen & Overy)

Frédéric Gielen, Partner at Avantage Reply, has taken part in the discussions holding a presentation titled "Banking regulation: From policy-making to implementation - The Gordian knot of the foot soldiers".

For further information: Center for Transnational Legal Studies – London