Avantage Reply Systemic Risk Breakfast Session

3 April 2013

Amsterdam, NVB office

On 3 April, the Avantage Reply Amsterdam office together with the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) organised a knowledge sharing breakfast session on Systemic Risk.

Representatives of the NVB, the major Dutch banks, the Avantage Reply team and the Dutch Central Bank DNB discussed the governance and implementation issues around this topic, in particular the role of ESRB and the Dutch Financial Stability Board.

Key topics discussed were:

  • Systemic risk in the context of the subprime crisis
  • Macroeconomic context
  • Too big or too interconnected to fail
  • Policy responses on a Global, European and National, in particular the ESRB and ECB
  • CRD IV CRR links such as countercyclical or SIB buffers
  • Netherlands economy specific risks
  • Reporting requirements

For further information, please contact Arnold Veldhoen, Tom Banens or Mischa Wesdorp.