Basilea 3 2012

26 - 27 June 2012

Rome - Palazzo dei Congressi

Avantage Reply took part in the annual event organized by ABIEventi dedicated to the themes of Basel 3. The event structure included plenary and parallel sessions which analyzed the most important issues related to the application of the new regulations in greater depth.

The Basel 3 event aimed to identify the strategic priorities for adapting the organizational and management model in order to manage, even at a micro level, the changes brought about by the revision of the Basel regulations. Italian and European regulators, top banking experts and academics, and the leading players in the market featured as speakers.

Avantage Reply held two speech during the second day event: during the parallel session G "Banks and companies in venture capital and credit: a common destiny" with a presentation titled "The digital transformation as a lever to substantially affect the relationship Bank Company" and during the parallel session I "ICAAP: updates" with a speech titled "The solidity of the banking system - The view ICAAP. A benchmark on the main Italian and foreign banks of class 1,2,3".

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