Performance measurement and monitoring

By leveraging and sharing technical and operational knowledge and in-depth industry experience, Reply develops effective and pragmatic solutions. Reply takes the time to listen to its clients and evaluate their particular requirement, before offering a number of tactical and strategic choices. These are based on independent and challenging insights and supported by facts and industry benchmarks.

Reply’s implementation philosophy is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Demonstrating business value before implementation by executing a 'proof of benefit';
  • Driving process and organisation change early in parallel with infrastructure development – not build a system that no one will use;
  • Starting with small steps, beginning with a single organisation to test the processes and technology in real business situations, then scale these up to other divisions;
  • Building momentum and then rapidly deploy solutions to the remainder of the organization once any issues are worked out.
  • Providing support throughout.

Our Performance measurement and monitoring service offering is focused on the following key industries:

  • Banks and building societies
    Banks have been exposed to four significant and interconnected drivers of change, including (i) a stronger integration among national financial markets, (ii) “disintermediation”, (iii) the supervisors’ growing interest in capital adequacy, and (iv) the liberalisation of international capital flows.
  • Asset Management
    The increased focus on portfolio risk management is accompanied by a regulatory requirement or best practice-driven decision to ensure that the models used to value financial instruments in portfolio and/or to measure portfolio risks are reliable.
  • Non financial institutions
    Risk management is often viewed as being a constraint on a commercial initiative or as a way to eliminate an enterprise’s exposure to risk. In fact, the reverse is true: it should be about exploiting risk exposures for maximum return and competitive advantage on the basis that a risky business strategy and plan should always carry the highest premium prices.
  • Insurance companies
    Reply's vision for integrated risk and performance management focuses on organising the enterprise to create risk-adjusted value. Risk-based measurement and monitoring of performance is a key element of this vision.

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The impact of the new requirements set by Basel III is being monitored and evaluated semi-annually on a global level by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.