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Benefits - Cost reduction

Implementing value-based management within organisations usually requires a new governance model grounded on integrated business, data and technology architectures. A vision that unifies the various functional areas will help an organisation reduce its overall cost by aligning finance and risk business architecture, culture, data and technology.

The cost reduction benefits of aligning these functions can result from:

  • A tighter cohesion between the finance and risk functions, which delivers higher cost savings, use of shared resources and delivery models;
  • Reducing reputation risk exposure;
  • Centralising well-structured information that features transaction level detail;
  • Reducing effort and duplication in gathering, checking and repairing data;
  • Increasing operational efficiency by putting in place reliable standard controls and assessment criteria;
  • Lower infrastructure costs compared with building and supporting separate platforms;
  • Eliminating IT system/process redundancy – increasing transparency, giving data architecture higher visibility, and enriching reporting and management information;
  • Rationalising financial and risk processes and greater streamlining across the whole of the business to improve the integrity of performance measures.