What we do

Shareholder value creation framework

Our value proposition is based on a vision for integrated risk and performance measurement. It focuses on the creation of shareholder value through measures designed to improve revenue, reduce costs and optimise capital. Our risk-based shareholder value creation framework focuses on economic profits, rather than traditional measures of performance such as accounting profits.

Implementing a shareholder value creation framework requires a clear and transparent allocation of revenue and costs, with cost being inclusive of the cost of risk capital.

Our services cover all phases and key components of the shareholder valuation framework by:

  • Developing and implementing internal measurement frameworks to assess the financial impact of the sources and use/transfer of funds;
  • Identifying, describing and assigning costs, using activity-based costing techniques;
  • Estimating provisions (or budget) set against outstanding transactions (or expected loss events) in line with an estimate of long-run, expected loss;
  • Building on our prototype for economic capital calculation and contribution, providing a tailor-made solution for estimating and allocating the necessary risk capital at transaction, business line, customer, organisational, product or group level.