System selection and implementation

System selection and implementation for non financial institutions

Risk Function

Reply typically work with risk representatives to “join up” the parts of existing systems and manual processes with a view to moving these to a common automated architecture. Reply start by looking at the operating model and seek to build a consensus of the levels of sophistication of systems needed to measure and manage risk. Efforts have typically centered on the finance and treasury function (see below) but there is a recent trend to capture and utilise loss event data to support more sophisticated risk measurement for business and strategic risk (including emerging risks).

Finance and Treasury

An automated Enterprise Treasury System is critical to the operation and integration of the risk management, treasury and finance functions. The delivery of the system is, in most instances, via the IT function. However, managing the IT function can be an enterprise’s most significant expenditure, with Chief Information Officers under intense pressure to achieve efficiency and deliver shareholder value promptly. Treasurers are demanding more from technology with the aim of hands-free solutions (such as straight through processing) and integrated reporting.

Reply can help treasury and IT functions to support and integrate their enterprise’s risk management, treasury and finance functions while optimising IT spend. Reply solutions enhance the planning, design, and implementation of IT systems.

Reply have developed a methodology, proprietary tools and templates to help enterprises select and implement systems. Reply methodology includes:

  • Project managing and identifying required business functionality to mitigate the risk of delay and overruns – our project management services are anchored around Terms of Reference and the Change Control Procedure;
  • Drawing on Reply's proprietary library of existing software solutions to establish a shortlist of solutions most likely to meet our clients’ strategic and functional requirements;
  • Preparing a Request for Proposal using proprietary templates adapted to account for specific functional requirements, developing score mechanisms to evaluate the responses to the Request for Proposal and organising scripted workshops with vendors and reference site visits;
  • Undertaking a risk assessment of the proposed solutions and formulating a recommendation to enable management to make a more informed decision.

Reply consultants have detailed knowledge of many of the most common software solution packages. Being independent of software vendors, Reply offers unbiased assistance throughout the implementation process, including the test planning and testing phases and ‘going live’. Depending on the size of the project and the proposed solution, Reply can work jointly with one of our alliance partners from our extended enterprise.

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